How to Start the Day

14 Jun

There’s nothing like applying for jobs in the morning. The day is bright and beautiful, while you add your skills and experience. Imprint a little humour and creative use of words. Just to hint that you’re a funny, outgoing, smart, hardworking, team-player, independent, creative, experienced, social superstar of a human being. Then you send it, and it feels so good. Butterflies in your stomach. Imagining when they read it, they’ll nod to each other and say, wow, she’s got the right combination of funny, outgoing, smart, hardworking, team-player, independent, creative, experienced, social superstar skills. And then they’ll call you, and ask you to an interview the very next day. And it goes so well, so easy, so effortless and not awkward at all. Then you get a job.

In the morning, you can’t feel the disappointment that comes with not hearing from them at all. Except for a bloody rejection letter three months later.


Christmas in June

3 Jun

While writing my thesis, I sometimes find it helpful to play pop music really, really loudly to get me going. It’s the same mechanism, as when you go running (don’t really want to), knowing that you’ll feel great afterwards, and then you play Britney Spears Toxic so loudly that everyone else on the track must be able to hear it…

I always have iTunes on shuffle, because I can’t decide on any single smash hit that I wanna hear. Then Wham! Last Christmas comes on. It’s a spectacular tune! You can almost feel the hair spray come leaking out of your headphones, it’s so ’80s sticky-bittersweet. And I have to say, it’s much better in June than in December… Treat Yo’Self!

Goddammit Alexis!

25 May


I threw a pot of coffee all over my books. Someone, save me from myself and finish that goddamn thesis, I need that pipeline!

Working Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Everydays

24 May

Unhappy news on the thesis front: my university has announced that assessment will not take place in July – in other words, the uni admin people and professors who will evaluate my thesis are taking a month-long holiday. In my opinion, they could take as much holiday as they want, as long as I get to turn in my thesis at the end of June. But no, no; preliminary evaluation has to be done within 14 days after turning it in (actually to protect the students, so the profs won’t take several months to grade theses). But since July is off, I have to either turn it in June 10 (because the admin office closes that date), or wait until August 1. For f****s sake! University administration, I can’t wait to be rid of you!

I don’t think I’ll be ready for June 10. At the end of the day and after all the time and worries, I’ve spent on the damn thing, I don’t wanna hand in a rush-job. But I’m still not sure. It’d be great – so great – to just turn it in, and be done with it. So, I’m working day and night for the next couple of weeks to see how far I can get. So tired now, though. FINAL phase. I hope…

Frenchifying It

24 May

Wow – best procrastination activity ever: learning to french braid my hair! A friend of mine was growing out her fringe last summer, and Ottawa summers are hot and sticky, so she french braided the fringe to get it out of her face, and it looked awesome. Now that I’m growing out my hair with less-than-normal patience, I can look awesome too. Although I’m happy that the tousled, beachy look is IN, since my ten thumbs can’t make it straight and narrow. I just look hip that way- haha.

There’s an abundance of Youtube DIY videos with tutorials – this young lady is awesome and slightly awkward in front of the camera, which may help you to calm your temper and avoid throwing things at the computer, when your hair suddenly look like Helena Bonham Carter on a good day…